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IDOL POWER Elevator is an authorized …………in Bangladesh to import sell OTIS, SIGMA………. Brands Elevators of micro controlled series with VVVF drive, Escalator to sell the concerning spear parts from US, European, Japanese, & china Manufactures Company.

IDOL POWER Elevator is one of the leading importers of elevators and escalators in Bangladesh. The company offers a range of services including installation, testing, modernization, commissioning, service and maintenance of elevators and escalators.

We are conveniently located in different parts of the country to provide to your needs. The company has employed more than ………. employees to provide reliable and efficient service to our valued customers. All our elevator technicians have years of experience and are experts in repairing and upgrading all kinds of elevators.

We are committed in providing the best service to our customers through our 24 hours’ service center and well-equipped technical team. We have always been appreciated by our clients for our after sales service and hope to increase customer value in the following years.

We have superior talent in Engineering design, providing, installing, testing and serving maintenance for all kind of vertical transportation. Our product includes all types of elevators, Escalator, moving walk and Passe

nger Conveyors sell the concerning spear parts. IDOL POWERis ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by providing most effective & efficient service for the vertical transportation industry in Bangladesh. We provide a competitive edge in the market by constructing solutions to our clients that are most cost-effective and sustainable for a long. We trust to meet the demand of vertical transportation service to our client beyond our client expectation.



Our commitment is given below:

  • The action is taking to ensure products are safe for lift passengers.
  • Flexible in work quality
  • Respond quickly to clients and keep them update on working progress
  • Get ownership of any issues and address them promptly
  • Anticipate client needs and so proactive in meeting with them.
  • We always maintain a positive and professional attitude.

If you are looking for reliable lift company in Bangladesh, then feel free to contact us to get a quick response to setup lift in your houses, offices, and also shopping center.


We believe in service of excellence; more than what We provide, that’s the way we work & act. It is not just fixing a problem or performing only maintenance; it continues collaboration with our client to improve quality and very responsive to quick response. We control our commitment to our employee to our valuable clients.


IDOL POWER prime concern is to provide safety and reliability record service in the vertical transportation industry. We work continuously to improve the safety existing products and utilize safe technologies for the new operation. IDOL POWER, Lift Company in Bangladesh emphasizes on corporate policy about safety first to implement a secure procedure to every lift/elevator installation.

Passenger lift:

IDOL POWER supply Different brand passenger lift and its equipment from US, European, Japanese, & china Manufactures Company for our existing and new clients and keep in touch always with the requirement of clients. We only authorized and legal importer.

Hospital lift:

We import and supply hospital lift and its equipment from US, European, Japanese, & china Manufactures Company.

Capsule Lift:

We bring the best-branded capsule lift from US, European, Japanese, & china Manufactures Company.


IDOL POWER escalators get used to building your specific requirements. We are a pioneer in escalator technology that has been designed for ensuring safety and quality, which is a part of our one of commitment to keep clients happy. We import escalator from US, European, Japanese, & china Manufactures Company.