» High voltage switchgear

High voltage switchgear is the latest generation of indoor complete power distribution equipment, with three phase AC 50Hz, 40.5kV single busbar section system. It is mainly used in power plant, substation, industrial and mining factories, as well as high-rise buildings, for power reception and power distribution, with function of controlling, protecting and detecting electric circuits.


  1. Completely metal-clad and totally enclosed, can prevent dirt and small animals from entrance.
  1. Each small compartment in the switchgear is separated and independent from each other.
  1. Quick-closing earthling switch is used for earthling and manual short circuit.
  1. All the operations on the device can and also should be conducted on the condition of completely closed door, including opening/closing of circuit breaker, racking in/out of circuit breaker’s trolley, opening/closing of earthling switch.
  1. Trolley for vacuum circuit breaker is maintenance free, with the matched operating mechanism requiring minimum maintenance, and has good interchangeability, providing easy replacement of circuit breaker.
  1. Easily view circuit breaker’s position, its opening/closing and energy charged status, via front door observation window.
  1. Reliable FIVE-PREVENTION interlock can effectively prevent from mal-operation and entrance into energized compartments.


  1. Main material for cubicles use 2mm zinc-aluminum-magnesium steel sheet or aluminum-zinc coating steel sheet, and adopt double-bender technology with features of high strength, good anti-corrosion and good anti-oxygenic property. Parts assembling uses high strength bolts or rivet connection with features of high precision and good rigidity for fitting.
  2. Door and terminal blanking plates apply epoxy resin power spray coating, the above adopted treatment methods ensure a very strong anti-corrosion capacity for the switchgear housing.
  1. No welding points for the frame. Special rivets are used in assembling, ensuring very high assembling precision.
  1. Enclosing and isolation of low voltage compartment, service trolley compartment, busbar compartment and cable compartment adopts steel sheet separation. Independent pressure releasing channel is provided in all compartments except for low-voltage compartment.
  1. Each functional unit is fitted with doors possessing lock and hinge.
  1. The frame is tidy, firm and aesthetically looking after processing and assembling.
  1. The switchgear provides customers with rear panel mounting and maintenance modes.

Circuit breaker compartment

  1. Circuit breaker compartment is designed with metal shutter to meet requirements of simultaneously automatic isolation between circuit breaker and busbar side.
  2. A special guide rail is installed inside the circuit breaker compartment for circuit breaker trolley to slide and work on it. The rail has automatic positioning function so that the primary moving stationery contact can be aligned automatically when the circuit breaker pushes in. In the compartment, the trolley has “SERVICE” and “TEST” positions. When the trolley is moving from “TEST” position to “SERVICE” position, the shutter is opened automatically; when trolley is moving in a negative direction, then the shutter is closed automatically to completely isolate primary contact.

Cable compartment:

  1. The cable compartment can be fitted with current transformer, earthling switch and surge arrester. The design of cable compartment can satisfy various cables in and out modes, for example, bottom in bottom out or top in top out mode.
  2. Supporter adopts epoxy resin insulator with long creep age.

Busbar compartment:

Adjacent busbar compartments adopt metal baffle plate and bushing isolation to prevent possible accident from spreading out. The busbar lapping area is protected by insulation hood.

Low voltage compartment:

Panel and inner space of low voltage compartment can be equipped with relay protective components, meters, air switch, energized display, simulation bus and various secondary components. The modular grid plate is used for mounting indoor secondary equipment. It can flexibly allocate every secondary component and facilitate secondary connection.Fitted with advanced microprocessor-based relay, additional communication interface can be incorporated into substation integrated automation. Microprocessor-based relay provides protective function and possesses multiple functions such as displaying, recording and alarming of substation’s key information.